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Secular Scouts

Chapter 295

Denver, Colorado

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Secular Scouts is a Denver chapter of the Navigators USA national organization.  This chapter is sponsored by the Secular Hub.

Navigators USA is a secular scouting movement for people of all ages and genders whose mission is to broaden the scope of scouting by encouraging whole families and individuals of all ages to participate in meetings, trips and activities, going beyond youth development to community development.

A group of volunteers who had previously led Boy Scout Troop 103 in East Harlem founded Navigators USA in 2003. The first Troop started in a homeless shelter, sponsored by All Souls Unitarian Church.

The volunteers felt it critical to offer more choices within the scouting community, even if it required the creation of a new organization. They add about two chapters a month.

Navigators USA mission is to:

  • build leadership skills in all children by going outdoors
  • re-create the village by including whole families in all activities
  • instill the importance of diversity, sustainability and interdependence.

The Navigator USA “Family Scouting” model lightens the burden of adult leadership, promotes inter-generational connections and strengthens community.

Navigator Moral Compass

As a Navigator, I promise:

  1. To do my best to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance.
  2. To treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect.
  3. To strengthen my body and improve my mind to reach my full potential.
  4. To protect our planet and preserve our freedom.


Navigator Slogan – The more you give the more you get.

Navigator Motto – Stay on course.

Navigator Traits – Truthful, Respectful, Inclusive, Generous, Dependable, Resourceful, Cooperative.