Join Us


Annual Fee per youth scout is $85 (there is no fee for adult participants). Fees cover scout general liability insurance, Navigators USA suggested donation, camping fees (depending on funds available), scout supplies (depending on funds available). Fees are paid through our sponsor the Secular Hub, Inc.


Scouts need a Secular Scouts T-shirt as a uniform to identify with our group. A first T-shirt is included with your scout fee. Contact Monica to order shirt(s). Scouts make their own badge vests to earn a sewing badge. We will have two meetings off-calendar in the weeks prior to the Annual Badge Ceremony to allow newly joined scouts to work on their vests and earn their sewing badge.


Meetings are held regularly at the Secular Hub (254 N. Knox Court Denver, CO 80219, Google Map). Outdoor meetings will take place at activity specific locations (check our calendar). We generally schedule meetings every other Sunday at 10:30am. Some special events are scheduled differently. For details on our current scheduling, see our calendar on the Activities tab above.

Troop Affiliation

The Secular Hub is our sponsor organization. Thank you Secular Hub! Membership at "the Hub" is not required to participate in Secular Scouts, but if you aren’t a member of the Secular Hub, consider a family membership that will help support our scout troop and the secular community in general. Chapters function autonomously and Navigators USA has no jurisdiction over our chapter. This means we create our policies to suit our own troop and scout families! We have adopted most Navigators USA guidelines and participate in their Annual Jamboree where chapters from all over the country gather for camp each summer.

Scout Books

Navigators USA offers materials and guidelines- bound Junior and Senior Handbooks and a Badge Book are available at the store on the Navigators USA website. Troop leaders will keep one copy of each of these texts in a binder at the Secular Hub and they will be available to review at meetings there. Digital versions are available on that website so scouts can download and/or print their own copy.

Achievement Badges

Badges represent intensive study and mastery of specific skills such as: Hiking, Camping, Science, Leadership, First Aid, Conservation, Survival, Diversity and over 45 others. The skills fall into four categories: Body, Planet, Mind, Freedom. They are available at each level. Instructions for advancement and how to earn badges are found in the handbooks and badge book. Troop leadership can also decide to include other badges, and even design badges that all troops can use. If a scout has a particular interest that isn’t included, let us know and we can work with them to design curriculum and a badge.


Stargazer (3-6yo), Junior (7-11yo), and Senior (12-18yo and beyond). Seniors do a Capstone Achievement Project to complete their scout advancement. Advancement within those levels is driven by learning skill sets and earning advancement. The Badge Book includes example achievement paths to earn a badge at each level, but we can design different activities as well. Talk to a troop leader about the skills your scout wants to learn.